Christie: Unfair to compare his private email use to Clinton’s –

Gov. Chris Christie

Governor Christie said on Fox News Sunday that it’s unfair to compare his use of private email to edit a press release to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server as U.S. secretary of state.

Host Chris Wallace asked Christie about his use of private email for government business. In the wake of the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal Christie turned over an email thread from his private Yahoo account to the Democratic-led state legislative committee investigating the matter. The email contained edits to a statement about the resignation of David Wildstein, a top New Jersey appointee at the Port Authority who has since pleaded guilty to federal charges related to the lane closures.

“My government business was conducted on a government email account,” Christie said on Fox News Sunday. “The one email that you’re referring to, the only one that they’ve released, involved a press release. So let’s all remain calm. My press secretary sent that to my private email account, I’m sure inadvertently, and I responded to it.” Lawyers Christie hired in the wake of the bridge scandal to investigate his office criticized his staff for communicating through private emails and recommended in a report that the governor’s office institute an email policy similar to the federal government’s. Christie’s office has said that staff are now counseled on email usage, however the state’s written policy has not been updated to reflect the changes suggested by the attorneys.

Christie, one of 17 candidates vying for the GOP presidential nomination, went on to continue criticizing Clinton, as he has repeatedly in recent weeks, for not only using a private email server as secretary of state, but for also wiping the server. His campaign released an ad last week, which began airing on Fox News nationally Wednesday, attacking Clinton over her private email use.

“We’re really not Chris, are we, comparing a press release to having national security and classified documents running through a server that’s not protected by the federal government, that can be hacked by the Russians, the Chinese or just a group of 18-yea- old hackers that want to have some fun,” Christie asked Wallace. “We’re really not comparing the fact that she’s wiped tens of thousands of emails that had relevant information in them because she just believed she’s entitled to do that?”

In his question to Christie, Wallace also mentioned deleted text messages, a reference to Christie’s conversation with an aide while she was attending a legislative hearing where top Port Authority officials were testifying about the lane closures. Christie didn’t respond to that part of the question, but last week when asked about the texts on CBS Sunday, he said he and the aide were not under investigation at the time and didn’t know “what was going on” when the texts were exchanged and deleted.

Wallace also asked Christie about comments Clinton made Thursday about Republican candidates’ positions on women’s reproductive rights and their push to cut funding to Planned Parenthood after videos surfaced allegedly showing officials from the organization talking about selling tissue from aborted fetuses.

“Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the next president of the United States,” she said during a speech in Cleveland.

Christie said Clinton’s comment was “awful” and that if a Republican candidate compared Democrats to terrorist groups there would be outrage in the mainstream media.

“Comparing Republicans to terrorist groups, there’s a real uniter,” Christie said. “That’s the woman you want sitting in the Oval Office to bring our country back together? That’s a disgrace and she’s a disgrace.”


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