Chris Christie dishes on Trump’s ‘boldest move’ – Washington Examiner

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said President Trump deserves credit for breaking the mold of U.S. foreign policy and trying to personally persuade North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to dismantle the Hermit Kingdom’s nuclear weapons program because it could yield historic possibilities.

“His boldest move … is likely his personal efforts on the issue of North Korea. President Trump has, in fact, used the past year to place his imprint on a problem spanning more than six decades,” Christie wrote in his profile of Trump for Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2019.

“The President believes that only personal diplomacy can solve this crisis. The President’s supreme confidence in his own ability to persuade others to make a deal is now the basis for American denuclearization policy toward North Korea,” he said.

Trump has attended two summits with Kim in the past year. They met in Singapore in June 2018 and Vietnam in February, with neither ending in an agreement for North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program. Despite that, Christie said Trump’s approach could still work.

“President Trump deserves great credit for daring to try to personally persuade Chairman Kim to join the family of nations. This approach holds the possibility for history–making changes on the Korean Peninsula to make us all safer,” he said.


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