Cheney: Clinton email scandal raises questions – CNN International

Clinton’s email use has haunted her on the campaign trail since it became public early last year that she maintained a private server while leading the State Department.

Cheney said Clinton has never provided a clear explanation as to why she used a separate server.

“We used to have, when we were there — it wasn’t quite as up-to-date as it is today in terms of technology, but we had a basket outside the door to the Situation Room where any electronic gear had to go in that basket: a cell phone, a pager or whatever it might be,” Cheney said. “You didn’t take it into the room, because it could conceivably be reversed engineered, or in some fashion, threaten security.”

Cheney, asked if the fierce fight on the GOP side has hurt the party’s general election chances, said the Republican presidential candidates are in a stronger position than the Democratic field.

“The process we’re going through now ultimately will produce a nominee,” Cheney said. “I don’t see anything that’s been done that can’t be fixed or sort of put back together, if you will, going forward.”

“You have studiously avoided any comment on Donald Trump,” Gangel said. “Any chance you’d like to comment today?”

Cheney laughed.

“No,” he said.


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