Brexit: Did your MP vote to take control of Parliament? – BBC News

MPs in Parliament

MPs have voted to take control of parliamentary business, in a blow to Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The vote was won by 328 to 301. Twenty-one Conservative MPs voted for the motion, defying their own party.

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Did your MP vote in favour of allowing the government to suspend Parliament in order to secure Brexit on 30 October?

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The vote gives MPs the chance to introduce a law postponing the UK’s departure from the European Union until 31 January, if by 19 October MPs have not approved a new deal or voted in favour of a no-deal exit.

After the vote, Downing Street said those Tory MPs who rebelled would have the whip removed, effectively expelling them from the parliamentary party. Earlier in the day Conservative MP, Phillip Lee, joined the Liberal Democrats meaning the government lost its working majority.


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