Boris Johnson’s Brexit Plan Hits a Wall in Brussels – The New York Times

Mr. Johnson appeared to have a small majority of lawmakers backing his latest proposals for resolving the Brexit crisis. But many see the question of a parliamentary majority as largely academic, including Anna Soubry, a former Conservative lawmaker who opposes Brexit.

She said that Mr. Johnson “thinks he has got the support of Parliament, but he can’t get any support from the E.U.”

Mr. Lowe said that Mr. Johnson was trapped in a Catch-22 that would be familiar to his predecessor, Mrs. May. To get an agreement from European leaders, he would have to make significant concessions, and that would cause his new supporters in Parliament to melt away.

“What we are all waiting for is a general election,” Mr. Lowe said.

As expected, the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said he would oppose Mr. Johnson’s plan, which he said was designed to open the way for an agreement on trade that would be an “America-first deal with President Trump.”

That prompted one Conservative Brexit supporter, Michael Tomlinson, to seemingly compare Mr. Johnson to Moses, saying that even if he had brought tablets down from the mountain, the opposition would have grumbled.


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