Boris Johnson faces fury in Parliament after Brexit showdown: Live updates – CNN International

Boris Johnson should apologize to lawmakers for his language yesterday, opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said.

“It’s extremely disappointing that the Prime Minister has not respected this House by attending here today,” Corbyn said, noting Johnson’s absence from the discussion about his rhetoric. “The Prime Minster’s language and demeanor yesterday was frankly nothing short of disgraceful.”

“Three years ago, our colleague, our member Jo Cox was murdered by a far-right activist shouting, ‘Britain first! This is for Britain,'” Corbyn added.

“The language that politicians use matters, and has real consequences.”

Corbyn said that he has written to all Labour MPs expressing his solidarity and setting out the conduct “expected of all colleagues.”

“No side of this House has a monopoly of virtue. Inappropriate language has been used by all sides,” Corbyn noted. “But we all have a duty to keep our debates political.”

“Not only should the Prime Minister comply with the law, he should come to this House and apologize for his conduct yesterday, which fell well below the standards expected by the people of this country,” Corbyn said, to cheers from his benches.


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