Bernie Sanders Had Heart Attack, His Doctors Say as He Leaves Hospital – The New York Times

Senator Bernie Sanders had a heart attack this week, his presidential campaign said on Friday as he left a Las Vegas hospital.

Mr. Sanders, 78, had entered the hospital on Tuesday night after experiencing chest pain at a campaign event, and doctors had inserted two stents in a blocked artery, a relatively common procedure. But the campaign did not confirm he had had a heart attack until Friday, leaving open questions about Mr. Sanders’s condition as he remained off the campaign trail this week.

Television cameras filmed Mr. Sanders as he left the hospital Friday, waving to onlookers and pumping a fist, then driving off in a sport utility vehicle.

“After two and a half days in the hospital, I feel great, and after taking a short time off, I look forward to getting back to work,” the senator said in a statement.


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