Bahamas Stunned as Water Recedes: ‘It’s Like a Bomb Went Off’ – The New York Times

Such hope, however, was in short supply Wednesday, as officials warned of an impending health crisis. The risk of contaminated water supplies loomed large.

“We have to assume that all of the ground water, all of the community water, is contaminated,” said Dr. Sands, the health minister.

In Marsh Harbour the threat was pronounced, especially in the predominantly Haitian shantytown known as the Mudd, which officials have said was demolished by the storm.

“We are incredibly concerned about the next phase, which is the risk of diarrheal diseases, the risk of rodents, the risk of mosquitoes, lack of access to proper medical care,” he added.

On Grand Bahama, the water had receded, revealing in its wake widespread decimation. Parts of Freetown were in shambles, and communications were spotty, leaving many to wonder about the fate of relatives and loved ones.


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