At least 1 US nuclear plant’s computer system was hacked – ABC … – ABC News

Federal authorities are investigating a breach into computer systems of at least one U.S. nuclear power plant, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

There is no evidence that any particularly sensitive or operational systems were breached. Instead, authorities believe only a less sensitive, business-associated side of systems were compromised.

The breach was first reported by E&E News, which covers the energy and environment sectors.

E&E notes that the hack did not garner the attention of the public safety alert systems at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or the International Atomic Energy Agency, which could be further evidence of a low risk level associated with the breach.

One U.S. official called this an “ongoing matter” that is still being investigated. No public word has been given on who may be responsible, but authorities are looking at the possibility that a nation-state may be behind the hack.

It’s unclear if the case is related in any way to other known cyberattacks.


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