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Hillary Clinton’s director of grassroots engagement blasted out a bulk email over the New Year’s holiday weekend so diametrically opposed to the concept of grassroots political activity that it included language from a prefabricated template instructing the author about how to write a bulk email.

“Calls for Hillary!” reads the title of the Jan. 1 email from Adam Parkhomenko, the director of grassroots engagement for Hillary for America — and co-founder of @ReadyforHillary.

Then come these all-caps words: “PREHEADER – 85 CHARACTERS LONG OR LESS.”

Hillary astro turf

The word “PREHEADER” is common jargon among political campaign emailers, garden-variety spammers and various other people who send massive batches of the same, identical electronic message. It refers to a brief summary (“85 CHARACTERS LONG OR LESS”), which appears after the email’s subject line.

The preheader — also called a “Johnson Box” for some likely terrifying reason — is critical in the age of mobile devices. Its purpose for mass emailers is “to facilitate getting your email opened,” according to the website Campaign Monitor.

Mass, impersonal, assembly-line emails are the opposite of grassroots engagement, which relies on at least the appearance of genuine community action at a local, spontaneous level.

Parkhomenko’s email greets recipients as “Friend.” It then attempts to round up volunteers to call people in Maine and convince them to support Clinton in the Maine Democratic Caucuses.

“Happy New Year!” the mass missive reads, in part. “Thank you for all of your continued support of Hillary. We want to kick off 2016 with a Virtual Phone Bank Weekend of Action. I am excited to announce that every weekend in January we will be making calls into states around the country.”

“This weekend we will be making calls into Maine to identify new Hillary supporters and volunteers to support the Maine Caucus taking place on March 6, 2016.”

Parkhomenko’s experience in grassroots engagement is decidedly thin. Prior to heading up “grassroots engagement” for Clinton, he was the executive director of Ready for Hillary, the primary super-PAC that has long plotted to wrap up the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination for the former first lady.

It’s easy to see why Clinton hired Parkhomenko, though. He has been obsessed with her for years. “Dazzled by the first lady as an elementary school kid in Virginia back in the 1990s, he tried to get her to run in the 2004 campaign, launching when he was just 17,” according to Politico.

He is married to Kirby Parkhomenko, who is deputy operations director at Madam President.

Hillary for America is Parkhomenko’s current employer. He provides [email protected] as his return email address.

Clinton is no stranger to email trouble. Over the course of much of 2015, the U.S. State Department released several notorious batches of the former first lady’s emails showing that she serially provided corrupt favors and constantly used a private, unsecured server to discuss national secrets. (RELATED: State Department Finds Another 150 Hillary Emails Containing Classified Info)

Clinton’s attempts to make everyone think she has enthusiastic, grassroots support are legion. In November, for example, her multitude of handlers attempted to make her appear popular during and after a debate by seeding Twitter with a campaign of volunteers coached on exactly what to say. (RELATED: Hillary’s Campaign Organizes ASTROTURFING Twitter Campaign Ahead Of Debate)

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