An LA Sheriff’s Deputy Will Lose His Job After Faking A Sniper Attack – BuzzFeed News

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy lied about being shot by a sniper last week and will be fired from his job, authorities said on Saturday.

The deputy’s report — that he’d been shot at by an unseen attacker from a nearby apartment complex — sparked a manhunt in northern Los Angeles County. But at a press conference late Saturday, Kent Wegener, captain of the Sheriff’s homicide bureau, said Deputy Angel Reynosa’s story was “completely fabricated.”

Reynosa will lose his job and could face criminal charges, Wegener added. An investigation into the false report will also be referred to the district attorney’s office, he said.

On Wednesday, Reynosa claimed he had been in the parking lot of the sheriff’s station in the city of Lancaster when he was shot at from a nearby apartment complex, sparking a full-scale response from the sheriff’s department that involved a SWAT team working with deputies to secure the area. Wegener said the residents of the complex were evacuated, roads closed, and public transit diverted while they investigated Reynosa’s claims.


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