Amy Klobuchar Enters 2020 Presidential Race – The New York Times

Despite the distinctly Minnesota weather, supporters turned out by the hundreds. Some even arrived on cross-country skis or brought dogs wearing coats.

Shirley Friberg, 81, was among the first to arrive at the frigid park where Ms. Klobuchar was scheduled to speak. As she clutched a cup of hot cocoa and offered a scarf to a frozen stranger, Ms. Friberg said she was heartened that Ms. Klobuchar could connect with voters outside major cities.

“She’s not afraid to just be herself. And I think in small towns, that’s a big thing,” said Ms. Friberg, who lives in the Minneapolis suburbs.

Asha Harris, 37, of Minneapolis, said the criticisms of the senator’s management style were plainly sexist.

“When a woman is demanding and wants something and wants people to perform, it’s seen as difficult,” said Ms. Harris, who was still deciding which Democratic candidate to support. “I’ve had a lot of demanding bosses, male bosses, in my life, and nothing was said of them. They were told they were great leaders.”

Facing a relatively safe re-election race, Ms. Klobuchar spent most of the midterms promoting other Democrats running for office in her home state. She has made numerous visits to Iowa during her 12 years in office, most recently to push a message of “heartland economics” to rural residents and farmers, arguing that Democrats cannot afford to forget about the middle of the country.

“Minnesota matters, Wisconsin matters, Nebraska matters, Ohio matters — and, yes, Iowa matters,” she told the Iowa Farmers Union in December.


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