Microsoft doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to tech demos.

Forget the time Microsoft’s first Surface tablet bricked on stage — this video,
taken in September at Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference for
developers and IT professionals, is easily one of the more
embarrassing moments for the storied tech giant.

The video shows company employee Michael
Leary demonstrating how customers can migrate their
data and work to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-computing service. But
in the middle of his presentation, Leary runs into
a problem with Microsoft’s home-made Edge browser and
is forced to download Chrome, the browser from Google,
Microsoft’s archrival, to continue.

The moment happens 37 minutes and 25 seconds in:

This video was uploaded on September 29, but only recently
started gaining traction thanks to the popular
“cringe” subreddit
, or forum, on Reddit.

Once Leary realizes he can’t continue the presentation on the
Edge browser, he tells the audience, “While we’re talking here,
I’m going to go install Chrome.” He then starts nervously
laughing, which leads to murmurs and then eventually some
clapping from the crowd.

It’s an incredible moment.

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