working on vacationSome workers say they dread going on vacation because they know it will create more work for them in the long run.legenda/Shutterstock

Checking your email on vacation can be just as tempting as checking your text messages at work.

In fact, 44% of working adults say they check work email every day while on vacation, according to the American Psychological Association. About one in 10 check email hourly.

The temptation is understandable. Who wants to click through hundreds or thousands of emails after returning from a time of rest and relaxation? Some say this post-vacation email deluge even makes them dread going on vacation in the first place.

However, research shows that stress levels tend to increase when you have access to your inbox, and that in order to return to work refreshed and rejuvenated, you need to unplug completely during vacation.

Here are five email hacks that can hopefully help you do that:

Natalie Walters contributed to a previous version of this article.